IQRF Alliance brings programming-free wireless networking

Wireless technology IQRF was introduced to you in our recent article „IQRF – a wireless technology which breaks barriers“ and in our SOS webinar „How to integrate wireless technologies into your devices without a long-term programming?”. In the time of publishing of the previous article, was the IQRF Alliance launch in a status of intensive preparation. With pleasure we announce you, that from now it´s possible to deploy IQRF Alliance services and to make your development of wireless applications even easier.
What´s all that about? IQRRF Alliance opens to manufacturers, system integrators and installation companies an opportunity to quickly and cost-effectively make all the electronic products wireless without any programming.


IQRF Alliance brings programming-free wireless networking

IQRF Alliance focuses on extremely easy integration of smart wireless solutions prevailingly in the segments of Indoor Lighting, Outdoor Lighting, Building, Smart Home Automation and many other. Thanks to the revolutionary and patented concept of Direct Peripheral Access and Hardware Profiles, IQRF Alliance members can simply integrate wireless communication and networking into their devices or systems by a simple circuit of a wireless module with a universal DPA application. This will enhance an existing or just developing product with a possibility to communicate in a wireless network, receive and transmit data. DPA moreover ensures a full compatibility of all products using this protocol. New, fully compatible product can be this way launched on the market within few weeks.


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