NetWorker – an advanced web server with a microcrontroller

An Internet connection would be a valuable addition to many projects, but often designers are put off by the complexities involved. The ‘NetWorker’, which consists of a small printed circuit board, a free software library and a ready-to-use microcontroller-based web server, solves these problems and allows beginners to add Internet connectivity to their projects. More experienced users will benefit from fea ...

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Twitter Watcher, the #twatch using PIC18F67J60 microcontroller

The #twatch scrolls the latest trending topics from Twitter on an LCD screen. It's a stand-alone network appliance that stays updated without a PC. It was awesome to watch #iranelection, Michael Jackson, and other historic events scroll by while we developed the #twatch. This Instructable documents the #twatch hardware and design. In addition to a Twitter trend ticker, the #twatch is also a generic ethernet ...

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