Transmit & Receive Infrared Signals With Your PC Serial Port using PIC12F508

We no longer manufacture or sell the original Air-Byte IR transceiver, so we're releasing the code & circuit design here for hobbyists and students looking to build a simple IR transceiver. Note that the parts used here are not critical. I.E. the NPN darlington transistor driving the infrared LEDs, PNP transistor used for inverting the IR detector output, voltage regulator, LED's, and most every other c ...

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PURPIC, the wearable PICkit2 clone using PIC12F508 programmer

PURPIC, the wearable PICkit2 clone PIC programmer based on a design by David Tait using through hole transistors and resistors glued to a piece of cardboard. Oh, how times have changed. And as usual, I'm still 7* years behind those changed times. My latest project is a remake of today's hottest 7-year-old PIC programmer, the PICKit2! *there, fixed! Step 1 An extremely brief history of the PICkit2 Microchip ...

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Complete Circuit Board Lab & POV Business Card using PIC12F508 microcontroller

Complete Circuit Board Lab & POV Business Card Introduction Though there are many Instructables on some aspect of how to make circuit boards, this one is different. It's an instructable on how to make the things you need to make circuit boards, specifically, a flamboyant business card toy. Over the past six months I have set up fairly complete printed circuit board fabrication lab in my apartment, cheap ...

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