Obstacle Avoiding Robot using PIC Microcontroller

Obstacle Avoiding Robot using PIC Microcontroller Obstacle Avoider Robot is another famous robot which spices up embedded projects. For those who are new Obstacle avoider robot, it is just a normal wheeled robot which could navigate its way without hitting on any obstacles. There are many way to build a Obstacle avoider robot in project we are going to use one Ultrasonic Sensor (front) and two IR sensor (Le ...

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Obstacle Sensing Walking Stick for Visually Impaired Persons : Block Diagram

From the block diagram given above you can see that this project has four major parts. The Power Bank Finding a good power source for this project was a challenge, the power supply should have to be mobile, so that we cannot use power adapters. Also it had to be rechargeable so that it is economical for day long use to. And last but not the least! It had to be low cost. So we picked up a rechargeable 5v pow ...

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