PIC RC Motor Controller (and example lego robot)

Step 1: Parts List General: RC transmitter/receiver set with at least 3 channels. As is this code only works with stacked PWM signals. I can only say for sure that it will work with traxxas receivers. With modification it could work with any PWM timing, and I am working on making it work with synchronous PWM like the newer Futaba systems use, that is the pulses all begin at the same moment. It will not work ...

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Max the Spider – powered by LEGO and PIC microcontroller

So Max the spider visited us in the lab today, and wanted to get into the halloween spirit. "I'd like to drop down on people in the elevator," he smirked, in a way only a spider could. "I've got just the thing," I winked, and put a little something together. You're looking at a clear Lego motor (comes with its own gearbox), mounted on a Lego platform. The platform is not going to win any design awards, but ...

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