Digital & Binary clock with thermometer & hygrometer

Here we have a clock. It’s not “another clock”. It has digital and binary output. It also has a thermometer and a hygrometer. It’s not “another thermo-hygrometer”. It display’s absolutely humidity (gr/m3) also. Schematic   MCU I build it around Microchip PIC16F917, with internal Oscillator at 4MHz. I also build a serial port programmer, so I can programming it on-line, using the DL4YHF WinPic. Clock I ...

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Making a binary clock using a PIC16F88

You can use a PIC microcontroller and an LED matrix to create a binary clock (or if you prefer you can wire up individual LEDs). This project uses an LED matrix block as it saves lots of wiring.  So what is it ? Its an led clock that displays the time information as binary numbers... ...and it is a good way of learning how to read binary (well up to 9 any way!). You can represent the numbers 0-9 using 4 bin ...

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