Revised version of LM35 based digital temperature meter using PIC16F688

This is a revised version of my LM35 based digital thermometer project that I posted last year. Although it is one of the simplest projects, it is very popular among newbies who are just starting to learn microcontrollers. There was a little flaw in the original project as pointed by some readers. I was using a 1.2 V reference for A/D conversion with PIC16F688 microcontroller. However, the PIC16F688 datashe ...

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DS18S20 Dual Temperature Meter using pic microcontroller

 DS18S20 Dual Temperature Meter Component List: 1x 2x16 LCD with Backlight 1x 16x1 LCD Female Header Connector 1x 16x1 LCD Male Header Connector 1x Programmed PIC16F628 2x DS18S20 1-Wire Digital Temperature Sensor 1x 100nF Capacitor 1x 10K Pot (LCD Contrast) 1x 10K Resistor 2x 1K Resistor 1x 10 Resistor 1x LM7805 Voltage Regulator 1x Tactile Switch (Display Modes) 1x 2-PIN Male Header Connector 1x 4-PIN Mal ...

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