SX Pong


After making the tetris game, it was very easy to make a Pong game. The game Pong was the world’s first video game in the early 70’s; this is a modern version of it, made with a little bit less hardware than the original version. In my version, the video signal is generated in software. […]

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SX Tetris


The first game I made in color using SX-chips was Tetris. Tetris is an old Russian computer game where you should try to fit in block into a play-field, quite simple but really fun. All blocks are built from four bricks (the name Tetris is derived from the ancient greek word for four: “tetra”), there

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SX Game System

SX Game System

This page describes a SX28-based color video game system I made during year 2002. Now, beginning of 2007, almost five years after I made the first design I’ve updated the layout of the PCB and added a version of the PCB that has built-in gamepads and I also have made it possible to buy PCBs,

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