Aurora 9 bar – The Essence of Aurora using PIC24F08KA101

Aurora 9 bar - The Essence of Aurora Since the introduction of Aurora 9x18, I received many requests for the kits and PCBs. I'm still quite undecided about making those available for a few reasons. However I really want other LED lovers (ok that might sound too much :) to be able to build one themselves. So I came up with Aurora 9 bar. It's a bare essential version of Aurora 9x18. In fact the circuit is alm ...

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Aurora 9×18 RGB LED art using PIC24F08KA101 microcontroller

Aurora 9x18 RGB LED art *** Check out my blog for updated version of this project and more! *** My obsession of LEDs has led me to this. Aurora 9x18 is a thing of beauty (if I can say so myself) - has 162 RGB-LEDs in a circular configuration. The color of each circle is controlled by a microcontroller using a twisted form of PWM. The microcontroller (PIC24F08KA101) only has one PWM module, yet Aurora is cap ...

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