Audio: Headphone “Anti Thump” Delayed Output Rev 1.1

A long awaited refresh, to my previousAnti Thump” headphone output delay circuit, designed back in 2011.
The Idea behind the circuit is to introduce a small delay, during initial power up, to electrically  isolate and  protect equipment connected directly to an amplifier. Often, during power up, amplifiers can produce an audible thump, through speakers or headphones. This can lead to damage of the connected equipment over time.

Audio: Headphone "Anti Thump" Delayed Output Rev 1.1
Thumps and clicks will occur when the supply rails voltages are too low to allow the amplifier to control its output voltage.

As the circuit has an immediate disconnect when powered off,  most instances of turn off thump are also dealt with, such as output capacitor discharges.
For more detail: Audio: Headphone “Anti Thump” Delayed Output Rev 1.1

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