Forverse – Reverse Control For Basic PRO Compiler

@ device PIC16F877 define osc 4 define adc_bits 8 main: trisb =$00 trisa =$ff adcon1 = 7 sw1 var porta.0 sw2 var porta.1 sw3 var porta.2 lamp1 var portb.0 lamp2 var portb.1 lamp1=0 lamp2=0 while(1) if(!sw1 and sw2 and sw3) then repeat lamp1=1 lamp2=0 pause 10 until(!sw3):endif if(sw1 and !sw2 and sw3) then repeat lamp1=0 lamp2=1 pause 10 until(!sw3):endif if(sw1 and sw2 and !sw3) then repeat lamp1=0 lamp2=0 ...

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How to interface Servo Motor with PIC18F4550

Servo systems use the error sensing negative feedback method to provide precise angular motion. Servo Motors are used where precise control on angular motion is needed. Servo motors are widely used in the field of Robotics to design robotic arms, palms, legs and so on. They are also used in RC toys like RC helicopter, airplanes and cars. The interfacing of servo motor using PIC microcontroller has been expl ...

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PIC18F4550 Programming and Tutorial Hardware C

PIC18F4550 Programming Tutorial in Hardware C PIC Tutorial , Mplab IDE - C18 compiler toolsuite PIC18F4550 tutorial, Looking the data sheet | Ports PIC18F4550 Programming method 1 Project Blink led PIC18F4550 Programming Method 2 Blink led PIC18F4550 Blink LED 20MHZ Oscillator | XC8 Mplab X IDE and XC8 compiler Blink LED PIC18F2550 programming: Blink LED | XC8 PIC18F4550 Programming Method 3 TRISB PIC18f455 ...

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