IR Tracking Turret with PIC and C

This is a good learning project that is fun to build - I got a lot out of making it. I think this has been done quite a bit already, but I did not find a straightforward way of doing this with PICs. When I finally got it working, I thought I'd share it. It might be useful for someone that wants to learn or apply I2C, Interrupts and Callbacks, PWM, or Servo Control. Basic Functionality Detects and tracks an ...

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Steam Turret Tank R/C PIC Servo Controller

A Microchip PIC based servo controller offering many of the capabilities of digital servos for under $9! The controllers capture the r/c receiver output, optionally manipulate the samples, then regenerate new servo control signals. As such, they greatly enhance what is possible with cheap servos. They were created for my Steam Turret Tank Instructable. Here is a list of some of the things possible: Expand n ...

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