ESP8266 10 Base T Ethernet Driver

ESP8266 10-Base-T Ethernet Driver

Overall Discussion This is a relatively unreliable and coincidentally functional ESP8266 Ethernet driver. It only uses two pins on the ESP, the I2S pins, but does provide Ethernet. It does all its own manchester encoding/decoding, framing, FCS, etc. It mimics the ENC424J600 stack found in avrcraft and borrows the IP, ARP, UDP and TCP stacks […]

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BooSTick small AA voltage booster

WiGPSFi – ESP8266 + GPS

If you love finding solutions that could widen horizons – that is something you will like! I wanted to know what my next ESP projects could connect to – and I decided to look for some open WiFis ….  That is the result after two days programming – and 45 min walking arround. Only for testing this

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