Introduction To The PIC Microcontroller Talk video tutorial

In this talk, you are introduced to how to get started using the PIC Micro. The talk includes practical tips and ideas. In addition, the link to download all the material is here:

This includes beginner documentation, demo software, and additional material, like how to modify the PICKit-2 and what you’ll need to get started.

The key to getting started is, KEEP IT SIMPLE!!! You can download the demo software and learn by making simple changes to the code. The 34 subroutines included in the code take care of the more difficult tasks, thus allowing you to focus on just the main steps.

Introduction To The PIC Microcontroller Talk from Bob Diaz on Vimeo.


The PICKit-2 is ideal for learning the PIC (use the LPC board) and when used with the PIC16F505 or PIC16F506 chips, it’s fun to play with.

For help with learning the PIC, go direct to the Microchip Forums:


This software is provided to users “as is” without any warranty, support, or claim that it is bug free. It is the user’s responsibility to write, debug, and fix their own code that connects with these subroutines. The author of these subroutines will not be providing any technical support for this code.

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