Simple Ham Radio Bluetooth Interface

Simple Ham Radio Bluetooth Interface

Ham radio is a popular hobby and service in which a licensed amateur radio operator explores communications equipment. Typical ham radios do not have bluetooth support, which may be hassle for some. None of the transceiver manufacturers are providing a wireless interface. However, with this ham radio bluetooth interface, communicating and listening to other entity […]

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ARM’s sub volt Cordio radio IP launched

ARM’s sub-volt Cordio radio IP launched

ARM’s acquisition of Wicentric and Sunrise Micro Devices has produced the Cordio family of standards-based, sub-volt, radio IP supporting Bluetooth Low Energy. Each Cordio product includes a pre-qualified, self-contained radio block, related link layer firmware, stack and profiles along with guidelines for design, test, integration, qualification, and application development.Cordio aims at ease of integration and delivery

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Hidden Radio Transmitter Controller schematich

Hidden Radio Transmitter Controller

PicCon is a PIC microcontroller based radio controller designed for hidden transmitter hunting. When combined with a radio transmitter, it will produce tone sequences and Morse code messages at user-programmed times. It is completely field programmable via DTMF tones, utilizes EEPROM for all programmed options so they are remembered when power is removed, and is

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