18 pin PIC Development Board using PIC16F62

18 pin PIC Development Board

I have long been playing with Microchip PICs but have always made do without some form of development board. To that end I have designed a basic board that I was hoping to get some input for. I haven’t yet made this board as I am waiting for some kit to turn up to finish it off and make it, however I thought others may be in a position to use or modify it.

PIC Development Board

Project requirements

The requirements for me were to have 8 LEDs and switches that were not tied to a port or pin, but had jumpers to allow full selection of which port/pin to connect to. Optional use of an external crystal, so the option of using a PICs internal RC oscillator was possible. Finally a ICSP header so that the PIC wouldn’t need removal to be programmed.

The board needed to be single sided as I don’t have the facilities or patience to go double!

The ICSP header circuit was used from Best Microcontroller Projects.

Schematic PIC Development Board

Step 2: Design files, parts list, construction guide

I have attached the Eagle files for the design.

With the board, to be able to maintain a single side, there are seven wire links. I have tried to keep them short so you should be able to use wasted legs from the resistors etc.


For more detail: 18 pin PIC Development Board using PIC16F62

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