IoT: The Benefits Of LoRa Technology

For a long time, Bluetooth and WiFi were certainly the best communication technologies in the Internet of Things (IoT) department. If you thought that this was going to stay that way, then you were definitely wrong. Sure, you might have believed that people couldn’t possibly think of and develop anything better, but it seems that some individuals have proven you wrong. This is a clear sign that we will probably never stop evolving and that there is always something more that we can do in order to contribute to humanity.

IoT The Benefits Of LoRa Technology

If you have heard anything about LoRa IoT sensors, gateways, trackers and similar products, then you must have realized that times have changed once again. In simple words, Bluetooth and WiFi have gotten a sibling and it seems to be outshining them every step of the way. Let us stop with the metaphors, though, and cut right to the chase, since you are probably curious about this whole topic.

Since you have heard about LoRa technologies already, I have no doubt in my mind that you have become extremely interested in learning more about those. You want to know what this is and how people can benefit from this new development that’s takin the IoT market over. Well, that is precisely what we are going to be talking about today, which is why I suggest you continue reading and find out about those benefits.

Of course, we cannot exactly skip to the topic of benefits without first getting you properly acquainted with LoRa technology in the first place. There is no point in getting ahead of ourselves, which basically means that we need to start from the top. If, however, you already know what LoRa is and if you are simply interested in the benefits, then you can skip this short part and the definitions that I’m about to share. If you ask me, though, brushing up on your knowledge is never a bad idea.

What Is LoRa?

As I was saying, if you really want to understand the benefits of this technology, you will first need to learn precisely what it is. LoRa, which stands for “long range”, is basically a communication system that can send information for almost 15 kilometers without the necessity for using any wires whatsoever. I bet that the piece of information regarding the kilometers has explained precisely why this systems is designated as “long range”. Read more about the system here.

In addition to allowing long range communication, this system is also known for consuming a small amount of power. Given all of that, it’s no wonder that LoRa is becoming extremely popular on the IoT market these days. A lot of businesses require this type of technology and products such as sensors, gateways and similar in order to be able to communicate more effectively within the actual organization. I suppose you can now understand the importance of it.

This technology is also represented as a network layer protocol which is used for establishing communication among battery-powered systems. The focus of it is on providing bi-dimensional communication that is completely safe and secure, while also allowing for higher mobility and localization services. Now that you understand what LoRa actually is, I believe it’s time to move on to our next question for the day.

What Are Its Benefits?

Whenever there is a new technological development, people are mostly curious about how they can benefit from it. After all, we are all trying to make things as easy as possible, especially when it comes to businesses that need their work to be done efficiently and successfully. The emergence of LoRa received basically the same response from people. In other words, the same question has been posed. What are the benefits?

Well, it’s time to answer that question. The very first benefit that you might have probably guessed all on your own is this. LoRa allows for long range communication while using as little power as possible and that’s quite amazing all in itself. This is probably one of the reasons why this technology is considered to be a game-changer in the IoT market.

If you want to read more about that, I suggest you go here:

Now, we cannot exactly talk about the benefits of this system without mentioning the technology gap that we have had to deal with for a long time. In case you aren’t quite sure what I am talking about, let me quickly explain that for you. Basically, cellular of WiFi/BLE based networks are limited to a certain extent, since they either require high power or high bandwidth, or they are simply limited in range, as well as unable to penetrate deep indoor environments.

Well, LoRa has managed to filled this gap, which has made possible a lot of things that were previously thought to be impossible. Simply put, it is perfect for both rural and indoor use, for smart homes, buildings, cities, as well as for smart supply chain and logistics. I assume that it is now perfectly clear why these types of systems are taking the market over and why they are highly beneficial.

So, now that you know precisely how you can benefit from this technology, it’s probably time for you to start using it. I know that you didn’t come here for the sake of the learning. You were probably curious about LoRa in the first place simply because you wanted to check whether you should use it or not. Well, the simple answer is – yes.

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