Toshiba to sample 20Mpixel sensor

The Toshiba TCM5115CL is the latest addition to its sensor line-up for digital still cameras which offers high image quality using backside illumination technology (BSI) to improve sensitivity and imaging performance. The TCM5115CL is a 1/2.3-inch CMOS image sensor with an imaging pixel array of 5216 (H) × 3920 (V). Use of the CMOS process enables low power consumption and high-speed operations. The TCM5115CL is designed to meet the demands of high quality, fast frame rate image capture and HD video recording supporting smooth slow motion playback, and delivers the high frame rates 60 fps at 1080p and 100 fps at 720p.

  •      1/2.3″ 20M resolution (1.2 µm)
  •       BSI
  •       I2C and SPI interface
  •        Sub-LVDS 12 lanes
  •        Binning:
  •        Horizontal 1/2
  •        Vertical 1/2 to 1/8
  •        Built-in Phase lock loop
  •         Defect pixel correction
  •         Picture flip (Horizontal and vertical)
  •          Global reset for mechanical shutter
  •          Strobe timing pulse



Toshiba to sample 20Mpixel sensor

In January, Toshiba is to sample a 20-megapixel (MP) CMOS image sensor, the TCM5115CL, for digital still cameras.


Volume production is scheduled for August.


The TCM5115CL offers the industry’s highest resolution in the 1/2.3 inch optical format, using backside illumination technology (BSI) to improve sensitivity and imaging performance.


Continued advances in the resolution offered by compact digital cameras—now in the range of 10- to 16MP—have brought with them the challenge of improving performance and picture quality with smaller pixels.


The TCM5115CL does just this by achieving a 15% improvement in full well capacity—the amount of charge an individual pixel can hold before saturating—against Toshiba’s previous generation 16MP sensor (pixel size = 1.34μm).


TCM5115CL delivers frame rates 60fps at 1080p and 100fps at 720p.


Toshiba’s Analog and Imaging System business is lookng for a 30% market share in CMOS imaging sensors in 2015.


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