Withings GO activity tracker teardown

Withings GO activity tracker teardown

For this first edition of the hardware teardown, we’re dissecting technology and lifestyle brand Withings’ cheapest activity and sleep tracker: the Withings GO.   Since they launched their first connected weighing scale back in 2010 (the WiFi Body Scale), I’ve been a big fan of Withings. They make beautiful products that integrate seamlessly with their online […]

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Bosch glue pen teardown

Intro My cheap plug in hot glue gun died and looking for a replacement I found this: the Bosch GluePen What does it do? it’s a hot glue gun for 7 mm glue sticks that warms up in 15 seconds. Charges via micro USB. Much better than my old one that needed ~5 minutes to

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Peaktech 6225A review

I got a Peaktech 6225A power supply to power some things, as it seemed like a good deal, going beyond what one might find normally in these types of supplies: more display resolution and supposedly, lower noise. For this price, this supply is a good deal compared to other similar ones on the market. Let’s see how

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Review Teardown of a cheap GPS Jammer

Review & Teardown of a cheap GPS Jammer

Generally, “jammers” — which are also commonly called signal blockers, GPS jammers, cell phone jammers, wifi jammers, etc. are radio frequency transmitters that are designed to block, jam, or otherwise interfere with radio communications. A jammer can block radio communications on devices that operates on a given radio frequencies within its range (i.e., within a

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