Stepper Motor Interface PIC16F

Here is a simple example for PIC microcontroller interfacing  Unipolar stepping motor with assembly code. Instead of using a dedicated stepper motor driver IC like very popular L293D   PIC16F with ULN2003A were used. Just 4 I/O Pins are required to drive each coil of the motor. By energizing each coil in a particular sequence you can control the

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1000 steps Servo motor

1000 steps Servo motor

In many project like CNC machines people use stepper motors. They are probably always more expensive than servos. They can rotate 360°, 1 step = 1,8° (mostly). Servos can rotate only from 0° to 180°, 1 step = 1°. But why are they working this way, inside them we will find potentiometer which rotates as

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