PIC18F4550 Microcontroller 1


Abstract: This report represents the design and implementation of a skin temperature measurement system. The system aims to measure the skin temperature from a sensor and send it to the PC using a USB cable to display on screen. The data needs to be updated every second. The PIC18F4550 microcontroller has been used in this […]


UP DOWN counter with memory

UP/DOWN counter with memory

This is a simple digital counter with a serial rs-232 and a 7 segment display, i started this project to count items on some shelfs, but it can be used for anything, it is also, for the exception of the connectors, completely on SMD components. The circuit is made around a PIC16F88, and takes use

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How to Implement Embedded Ethernet

How to Implement Embedded Ethernet

Usually We need embedded systems inside devices, particularly the so-called intelligent devices, to communicate with a command/control/administrative center. Typical such situations could be a remote security camera that can send you video clips when queried, an embedded system that can send status when checked through a web browser or a vending machine that is capable

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