How Torrent Clients Are Bringing Peer-To-Peer to Businesses in 2020

BitTorrent traffic is one of the main sources of internet traffic and it’s not just used for piracy! Torrents represent a fantastic way to share files for your business and this technology is not something that you should ignore.

How Torrent Clients Are Bringing Peer-To-Peer to Businesses in 2020

Knowing where to look for the best torrent client for your business and how to use torrent clients can be tricky: that’s where we come in.

We know all there is to know about torrent programs and torrenting.

Torrents can sometimes seem complicated and difficult to understand, we get it. In this bite-sized article, we’ve assembled information on the benefits of torrents for business, how to use torrents, and where to find the best torrent client for your needs.

The Benefits of Torrent Programs For Business

There are a ton of benefits to using torrent programs at your business. Let’s look at some of the best benefits.

Setting Up New Computers is Faster

Setting up a new computer at your business can take a lot of time. There are specialist tools that you need to install alongside a whole host of more everyday programs like web browsers, office software, and more. 

If you make a torrent that contains all the software that you need, all you need to do is download this system image and install the software. That’s all there is to it. Download the torrent and unpack it and you’re done.

More Exposure

If you make e-books or short films about your business available as torrents, you’re likely to attract more readers and viewers. Uploading these files to torrent websites will attract curious downloaders who will then find out about your business.

Faster and Cheaper Filesharing

For reasons that we’ll go into later, torrents are a very efficient way to share files. They’re a lot more efficient than hosting your downloads on a separate server, as they negate the need for a download server and cut costs.

Instead of having to have your employees download the files individually, you can bundle collections together in a single torrent file.

Easy to Use

Once you’ve trained your employees on how to use torrent clients, you’ll find that these programs are very easy to use. Your employee needs to download a torrent file and then leave it to download in the background, then access the files.

Torrent Downloads Are Decentralized

One fantastic thing about torrents is that they are entirely decentralized. If your server goes down, you can’t access key files. Torrents can’t go down like this, as they are distributed by a larger number of different computers.

How Do Torrent Programs Work and Are They Legal?

We’ve shown you the benefits of using torrent programs for your business. Yet there’s a lot of confusion about how these clients work and their legality. Let’s take a look at the details.

How Do Torrent Files Work?

If you don’t know how torrents work, they can be baffling. They’re tiny files, usually just a few kilobytes in size. Do they contain all that data?

No, they don’t contain any of the files that you want to download. Instead, they contain data that your computer decodes. The technical term for this is metadata, and it tells your computer how to download the selected files that you need.

Torrents don’t rely on a central server, so there is no single place where these files are stored. Instead, they’re spread across other users’ computers, which is why this kind of filesharing is called peer-to-peer, AKA P2P.

The metadata tells your computer what files it needs to download from other computers. These files aren’t downloaded as whole files, as this would require downloading from one computer. Instead, these files are split into small pieces which are then reassembled by your torrent client.

The torrent clients also filter out damaged or poor-quality files, which means that everything downloaded will work. There’s no limit on download speed either, so you can download at lightning speeds.

Are Torrents Legal?

There is nothing inherently illegal about torrenting. It’s another protocol for sharing files and that’s it. The stigma against torrents comes from their long-standing association with piracy.

Due to their decentralized nature, they’re an ideal platform for downloading copyrighted material, yet some torrent sites are fighting against this, only hosting legal torrents. Provided you’re not sharing information that is copyrighted by anyone else, you’re not going to be breaking the law.

The Best Torrent Client For Business

If you’re on board and interested in using torrents for your business, then you need to get a torrent client. This is the program that you use to download torrents: you can’t use your web browser or an FTP client.

Best Torrent Client For Windows

Back in the day, uTorrent was the gold standard of Windows BitTorrent clients. Yet this torrent client now has ads, which is a major irritation. 

Its small memory footprint and fast downloads haven’t disappeared though: if you’re looking for a better torrent client, then you need to get qBitTorrent. This open-source torrent client is safe, speedy, and light on memory, making it a perfect option for businesses.

Best Torrent Client For Mac

Finding the best torrent client for Mac is a little more difficult than on Windows.

Setapp wrote a great article about the topic that you can read here:

Best Torrent Client For Linux

If your business uses Linux, then you’re in luck! The best torrent client for Linux is Transmission and it comes installed with most distros. It’s lightweight and easy to use; what else do you need?

Why Businesses Need Torrents

If you want a decentralized, fast, and easy way to share files, then your business cannot afford to ignore the fantastic solution that is torrenting. Ignore the stigma; it’s one of the best filesharing technologies out there!

Now that you know a bit more about torrenting, you’ll want to find the best torrent client available. 

If you’re interested in reading more informative articles like this, feel free to take a look at our software section!

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