Firm claims smallest GaN wireless power amplifier

Nitronex is the leading source for GaN-on-Silicon RF power devices
With the industry’s largest portfolio of discrete and MMIC GaN-on-Silicon devices, Nitronex power transistors are optimized for RF and microwave applications by providing the best performance/cost solution from 5W to 200W.

Nitronex has shipped over 650,000 GaN-on-Si devices to military and commercial customers.
Nitronex is presently the only fully-qualified supplier of Gallium Nitride-on-Silicon (GaN-on-Si) power transistors and MMICs for RF and Microwave applications.

Rugged, Robust and Reliable
In 2006, Nitronex released the first GaN qualification report to the industry.  Since then, Nitronex has continued to advance the technology and has announced a reliable 48V process and the ability to develop products that survive a 15:1 VSWR at all phase angles, while holding the device at 90ºC baseplate. Check out our reliability page for more information.


  • Broadband Power Performance (DC-1.5 GHz)
  • Small Footprint
  • Matched to 50Ω
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Surface Mount

Typical Applications

  • General Purpose
  • Broadband Driver Circuits
  • Robust Low Noise Amplifiers

Firm claims smallest GaN wireless power amplifier

Nitronex has developed a small broadband 5W power amplifier.

The gallium nitride (GaN) based RF power amplifier is in a 4mm x 4mm thermally-enhanced QFN package with RF input and output matched to 50 ohms.

The NPA1003 MMIC will provide output power over 5W from 20 to 1500MHz and typical efficiency of over 50%.

According to Ray Crampton, v-p of engineering at Nitronex, the supplier’s proprietary GaN-on-Si process has a significant advantage over our competitors using SiC substrates.

“Our superior starting substrate quality and cost structure allow us to develop high performance, large area MMICs at competitive prices which gives us the freedom to solve customer problems in ways our competitors can not,” said Crampton.

The process is based on a 28V, 0.5µm gate length GaN HEMT and features high voltage capacitors, air bridges, through-wafer vias, nichrome and epi resistors, and two levels of metal interconnect.

A 3.5µm plated gold top metallization results in low loss inductors, and a high resistivity silicon substrate is used which supports low loss transmission lines to over 20 GHz.

According to Gary Blackington, v-p of sales and marketing at Nitronex: “We have already achieved several design-ins at top tier accounts.”


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