digital meter

Closer look of the display

chipKIT Project 4: Digital light meter

A light meter is used to measure the intensity of illumination in a given area. It is widely used in schools, warehouses, factories, hospitals, office buildings, museums, art-galleries, parking garages, stadiums, and many more, to measure and maintain proper lighting levels. The intensity of illumination is usually expressed in Lux or foot-candles. As the 4th project in our […]

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Digital Meter Adapter

Digital Meter Adapter – DMAD

Adding a Digital Meter and Functions to Analog Geiger Counters The Digital Meter Adapter is a expansion module for adding digital functions to Analog Geiger Counters that have a pulse output. If you’re geiger counter outputs a ttl pulse for every radioactive particle it detects, your Geiger counter will connect to Images SI Inc.’s DMAD

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