Long development or better a short time to market?

The solution is an embedded module. Swedish company Embedded Artists will help you in tit by their top-class modules with NXP processors.

Long development or better a short time to market

Embedded modules are still more used in many products, where so far a classic microcontroller was sufficient. As requirements for functionality of devices are increasing, including audio/video output, network- and USB connectivity, as well as a possibility to be programmed by a user, to change firmware, etc, the development is more and more demanding. For small and middle-sized companies it can easily happen, that in respect to a supposed sale, the expenses will never return. In the most cases, it´s better and at the end of the day even cheaper to rely on some of so called embedded modules. An embedded module (depending on a type) usually provides all necessary for controlling of our device and it is usually easily programmable thanks to a standard OS implemented (Linux, Android, Windows,…). Embedded Artists products are based on top-class NXP processors LPC with Cortex M0, Cortex M3 and Cortex M4 cores, but also on older ARM7. As Embedded Artists have a closed cooperation with NXP (they are an NXP certified partner), they have an excellent knowledge of these perspective chips. Among Embedded Artists can be found:

development kits
● OEM boards suitable for direct usage in products
● „quick-start“ boards
education boards
display boards
● various accessories for development support

From a final product and production point of view, the most interesting are the OEM modules. Embedded Artists provides a wide support to their products and for example notes for usage of OEM modules in praxis can be found in the OEM Integration guide. An example of a price calculation – decision „own development or an embedded module” is illustrated in the attached picture. Many Embedded Artists products are in our stock ready for immediate shipment. We´re able to deliver you any other Embedded Artists product with a short leadtime.


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