Gamma Radiation Resistant 1-Wire Memory


The DS28E80 is a user-programmable nonvolatile memory chip. In contrast to the floating-gate storage cells, the DS28E80 employs a storage cell technology that is resistant to gamma radiation. The DS28E80 has 248 bytes of user memory that are organized in blocks of 8 bytes. Individual blocks can be write-protected. Each memory block can be written 8 times. The DS28E80 communicates over the single-contact 1-Wire® bus at standard speed or overdrive speed. Each device has its own guaranteed unique 64-bit registration number that is factory programmed into the chip. The communication follows the 1-Wire protocol with a 64-bit registration number acting as node address in the case of a multiple-device 1-Wire network.

Gamma Radiation Resistant 1-Wire Memory

Key Features

  • High Gamma Resistance Allows User-Programmable Manufacturing or Calibration Data Before Medical Sterilization
    • Resistant Up to 75kGy (kiloGray) of Gamma Radiation
    • Reprogrammable 248 Bytes of User Memory
  • Lower Block Size Provides Greater Flexibility in Programming User Memory
    • Memory is Organized as 8-Byte Blocks
    • Each Block Can Be Written 8 Times
    • User-Programmable Write Protection for Individual Memory Blocks
  • Advanced 1-Wire Protocol Minimizes Interface to Just Single Contact
  • Compact Package and Single IO Interface Reduces Board Space and Enhances Reliability
    • Unique Factory-Programmed, 64-Bit Identification Number
    • Communicates at 1-Wire Standard Speed (15.3kbps max) and Overdrive Speed (76kbps max)
    • Operating Range: 3.3V ±10%, -40°C to + 85°C Reading, 0°C to +50°C Writing
    • ±8kV HBM ESD Protection (typ) for IO Pin
    • 6-Pin TDFN Package

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