Where a cable can´t, a Bluetooth can

Keyboard, display, sensor or other device can be connected by means of Bluetooth modules even without cables.

Many times, it´s more practical to have devices interconnected wirelessly. Whether we need a simpler transfer of values from some sensor or a more complicated data communication between two devices, Bluetooth modules will manage it without a long development. Bluetooth technology with their range of 10m or up to 100m (Class 1) usually suit to many purposes where a cable connection is undesired or even impossible.

Where a cable can´t, a Bluetooth can

Bluetooth modules from company Rayson are based on various Bluetooth chips from a renowned company CSR, which determine main features of a given module. On stock we keep several types for example the favorite BTM-112 (Class 2) or BTM-222 (Class 1). Modules contain their own firmware, so it´s not necessary to know a functionality of given Bluetooth chips in detail, but for the most of applications it is sufficient to use configuration commands sent via UART port.

Versatility of modules is mainly in the fact, that they are able to transfer virtually any data, that´s why they can be used for controlling of peripherals, audio transmission etc. and everywhere, where there range and data transfer speed of Bluetooth protocols are sufficient.


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