Tiny UHF Tracker Transmitter

This is a little circuit that could be used to track an object up to 400m. It is essentially an SAW stabilized OOK modulated RF transmitter. The modulation is done with two low frequency ultra low power oscillators that activate the transmitter every two seconds for a short period. With the setup shown here I got up to 400m range. Current consumption is about 180uA average so it'll work for a couple of days ...

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The giant (by radio control standards) servos above are shown adjacent to a Nokia 3310 mobile phone to give an idea of the scale.  The arms are 12cm long - perfect for lifting a bank of solar panels (wing). Our local Model Aerodrome in Seaside Road, Eastbourne, supplied these beauties, taking the trouble to source one unit from afar - not the kind of thing you are asked for every day.  Thanks to Dave and St ...

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