Real time clock with remote control and ST7735 TFT display

(Some knowledge about RC-5 protocol is required) This project shows how to build a remote controlled real time clock with TFT display using PIC18F4550 microcontroller. In this project DS1307 RTC is used as a real time clock chip and the remote control is an IR (infrared) remote control which uses RC-5 communication protocol, this remote control is used to set time and date. The device used t display time an ...

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Display BMP images from SD card on ST7735 TFT screen

This example shows how to display Bitmap (BMP) image files from SD card on ST7735 1.8" (128x160) TFT screen using PIC18F4550 microcontroller and CCS PIC C compiler. To build this project we need the ST7735 TFT driver, SD card driver and FAT16 library. The three source files must be added to the project folder (or CCS C driver folder) in order to compile the C code. The ST7735 driver is update to support the ...

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