Bit-Banging Serial Interfaces for the Low-End and Mid-Range PICMicros using PIC16F84

When I designed the "YAP" for the "YAP" PICMicro programmer presented in "Programming and Customizing the PIC Microcontroller", I felt that the serial interface provided in "execution mode" of the programmer would be very useful for people developing their own software. With this interface, the user could input new values into the PICMicro application or output temporary values to help with debugging. This ...

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How-to: Bus Pirate v1, improved universal serial interface using PIC24FJ64GA002

We use the Bus Pirate to interface a new chip without writing code or designing a PCB. Based on your feedback, and our experience using the original Bus Pirate to demonstrate various parts, we updated the design with new features and cheaper components. There’s also a firmware update for both Bus Pirate hardware versions, with bug fixes, and a PC AT keyboard decoder. Check out the new Hack a Day Bus Pirate ...

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MATLAB to PIC serial interface using PIC16F877 microcontroller

MATLAB to PIC serial interface some code to let MATLAB talk to a PIC16f877 via the serial port. This isn't that hard nor is it much code, but I spent a decent amount of time figuring it all out (starting from scratch), so I figured it would be helpful. Enjoy. Code with comments below is some code I pasted in. Download the .txt file if you want the code. See the pictures for help witht he serial interface. O ...

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