HP 6010A – 1kW power supply Teardown

The HP 6010A is a monster of a power supply, capable of providing 1kW. There are three limits: 17A, 200V and 1kW – that means that you can source 200V, but only up to 5A. You can suck 17A, but only at up to 60V.

I got this one second hand, possibly third or eight hand. Some butchery has been done – some parts were replaced (the old ones probably blew).

All in all, the device is a big power supply, not meant for precision but rather for power. The power supply works well, though I’ve yet to test the 1kW – it’s not exactly easy to sink 1kW of heat.

To download the service manual, click below:

It’s really good reading… well, more like looking at schematics and thinking that the good people at HP… or is it Agilent? No, wait! It’s Keysight Technologies! I’m sure they had a good reason for renaming it… again… probably something involving illegal herbage and marketing. Anyway, the good people there were a really smart bunch apparently.


No electronics were harmed during this teardown. Precautions were taken to avoid ESD and the other popular ways to kill stuff. After reassembly the power supply is working just as well as it did before. Though it does kind of scare me…

The Big Picture

This power supply’s design is strictly functional. It can be described as a gray box with meters in the front.


It’s a weighty beast – a little over 20 kg. Should be packed with goodies! Now, let’s look at the box more closely.

The front panel is exactly what you’d expect – a nice clean layout, you can set your current and voltage values, choose what you’re displaying – whether the current value, or the value you’ve set. You can adjust the overvoltage protection as well. And that’s about it. Some little indication is provided to tell you whether you are running in a constant current or constant voltage mode. Oh, and there’s a power button. The bastard doesn’t have output jacks (well, at 17A it’s more along the lines of rails) on the front! That’s it for the front panel.


For more detail: HP 6010A – 1kW power supply Teardown

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