How to Boost Your Online Revenue

If your business makes any sales online, you may be aware of the complex world of SEO, A/B testing and general online marketing. There is a tremendous amount of information online about boosting your revenue, which may disorient any well-meaning business owner that wants to drive their growth. Here are some ways you can boost your online revenue without getting tangled up in an imbroglio of information and tips.

How to Boost Your Online Revenue


If you don’t do SEO… you probably should. For those unacquainted with its magic, SEO or ‘Search Engine Optimization’ is the art of helping your website come up more often when people search for related phrases in a search engine like Google, but could also be important in websites like Amazon or eBay if you use those as a revenue source. A full-on SEO campaign is pretty difficult to run by yourself, especially if you have no experience, so consider a dedicated SEO employee or even outsourcing to a company that can help. You can get enough specialist information online to run it successfully though, but this will be very time consuming. It may initially seem expensive, but the ROI on SEO can make it well worth it.

Pay Per Click

Pay per click (or PPC) marketing is simply when you pay a search engine to feature you in their top results. It can help you impress upon more users, strengthen the presence of your brand or simply get more clicks to your website. Make sure you only use relevant keywords, as if people click your ad and then immediately exit it (called a boomerang), Google can recognise this and take action against you.

Test your Site

Sure, your site may look beautiful, but that’s only half the battle. You want a website that attracts viewers but also guides them to make a purchase or otherwise drive your revenue (maybe through advertising). There’s only one way to make sure your site is designed for this and that’s through Functional Website Testing. Website tests such as A/B tests can help you tailor your site to encourage the fulfilment of certain metrics (e.g. clicks on specific elements of the page or more time spent looking at certain segments).

Take to Social Media

Marketing on social media really does help you grow your online revenue. If you are active across whichever social media platforms your user-base uses, then you can market through them through different channels simultaneously, which can have powerful effects. Make sure you keep it relevant though – if you’re marketing a B2B product that’s tailored towards mature businesspeople you should use LinkedIn, but if you’re marketing towards the very young you should use Snapchat. Being parsimonious and knowing your demographics can save money and drive profit as well as revenue.

Hopefully the above tips have given you an idea of the first points of call you should use if you want to drive your revenue online. They are very common approaches, but for good reason, and many online marketers consider these the basics upon which you should build more complicated strategy. However, the advice to walk before you can run is always valuable, and you should increase the complexity of your strategy alongside the growth of your business. 

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