Almost perfect light from the Oslon Square LED

When you recall to lessons of physics from your basic- or grammar-school, probably you´ve heard a term „black body radiation”. As we know, each object with a given temperature radiates in a wide range of wave lengths, while a maximum of a radiation depends on its temperature. We mention it because the Sun also operates on this “principle” and its spectrum (light) depends mainly on its surface temperature. Temperature of an object is also the most important factor influencing whether the light will be “warm” or “cold”, that´s why a term color (chromacity) temperature CCT is used.

Almost perfect light from the Oslon Square LED

Even though a portion of radiation (some wave lengths) is absorbed in atmosphere, it can be said that it is very near to a black body spectrum and it´s ideal for us in respect to a pleasant and true color perception. There are several methods to evaluate color fidelity and one of the most important is so called CRI (color rendition index, maximum = 100). To an ideal light source with CRI =100 is very near a classic incandescent bulb, even though it´s spectrum is shifted towards warmer tones.


For more detail: Almost perfect light from the Oslon Square LED 

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