TD-USB-01 interface with mouse sensor board using PIC18F2550

This is an example USB project showing how to interface an optical mouse sensor (the ADNS-2620) with a standard XP/Vista computer. The TD-USB-01 board with a PIC18F2550 communicates with: the PC: USB 2.0 through a mini-B connector. the mouse sensor board: SPI over 4-wire flatcable. Here are the technical specifications: PC Win XP/Vista interface application with Visual C# 2008 Express: free download. TD-USB ...

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Mouse interfacing and communication using PIC16F877

Introduction On this page a circuit is described, making it possible to interface a PIC and a PS/2 mouse. If you send me a request (read further), it is possible to obtain for free also the assembler program to communicate with the PS/2 mouse. The PIC microcontroller used to test and develop the communication with the PS/2 mouse is a 20MHz PIC 16F877, but, as it is a non-critical application, a wide set of ...

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