Latching Relay Module

In electronics, a device is said to be a latching device if it maintains any particular fixed state even after removal of the input signal. The same also applies for electronic/electromechanical relays. Basically the electromechanical relays that are used today are of two types: 1. Non-Latching Relay : These relays are most widely used where energy consumption is basically not an issue.This type relay(s) co ...

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Latching power switch uses momentary-action pushbutton

Most inexpensive pushbutton switches, particularly pc-board-mounting and membrane types, have momentary action. Latching types are often larger and relatively expensive, and they frequently are unavailable in the style you'd like to use. You can thus have a problem if you need a small, inexpensive on/off switch for latching power to a load. The circuit in Figure 1 shows how you can use a simple, momentary-a ...

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