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After you finished your PCB design, you can directly order PCB from EasyEDA. EasyEDA provides fast and cheap prototyping service. They provide online instant quote, fast fabrication and competitive price, which saves a lot of time and money for customers.

PCB-2 layer

PCB- 2 LAyer 10cm by 10cm.






PCB:       2-Layer  5cm×5cm  Max                          PCB:     2-Layer  10cm×10cm  Max

Quantity: 10 pcs                                                            Quantity: 10 pcs

Price:  $ 9.8                                                                   Price:      $ 17.6


PCB- 2 LAyer 10cm by 10cm.
PCB 1-16 layers
PCB:       4-Layer  5cm×5cm  Max                     PCB:      1-16 layers

Quantity:    10 pcs                                                     Multiple choices in size, color,quantity .

Price:      $ 29.5                                          Starting Price:      $ 9.3 


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Product Display

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