PIC Microcontrollers An Introduction to Microelectronics By Martin Bates E-Book

Book Introduction:

PIC Microcontrollers provides a comprehensive and fully illustrated introduction to microelectronic systems principles using the best-selling PIC16 range. Building on the success of previous editions, this third edition will enable readers to understand PIC products and related programming tools, and develop relevant design skills in order to successfully create new projects. Key features include:

    • Initial focus on the 16F84A chip to introduce the basic architecture and programming techniques, progressing to more recently introduced devices, such as the 16F690, and comparison of the whole PIC16 range
    • Use of the standard Microchip development software, MPLAB IDE, as well the interactive ECAD package Proteus VSM
    • Standard Microchip demo hardware, specially designed application boards, in-circuit programming and debugging
    • Basic interfacing, motor drives, temperature control and general control system applications
  • Numerous fully documented code examples which can be downloaded from the companion website

The book is aimed principally at students of electronics on advanced vocational and undergraduate courses, as well as home enthusiasts and professional engineers seeking to incorporate microcontrollers into industrial applications.

    • A focus on the 16F84A as the starting point for introducing the basic programming principles and architecture of the PIC, progressing to newer chips in the 16F range, in particular the 16F690, and Microchip starter kits
    • How to use the free Microchip development environment MPLAB IDE, plus Proteus VSM interactive electronic design software, to develop your own applications
  • Numerous fully-documented, working code examples downloadable from the companion website

Introduction to MicroelectronicsIntroduction to Microelectronics

Audience: Professional
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 456
Published: 2nd September 2011
Publisher: Elsevier Science & Technology
Dimensions (cm): 23.4 x 19.3  x 2.2
Weight (kg): 0.91

Table of Contents:

Computer Systems
Microcontroller Operation
A Simple PIC Application
PIC Program Development
Internal Architecture
Programming Techniques
Development Systems
Application Design
Program Debugging
Hardware Prototyping
Motor Applications
More PIC Microcontrollers
More PIC Applications
More Control Systems
Binary Numbers
Microelectronic Devices
Digital Systems
DIZI84 Board
DIZI690 Board
References & Links
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PIC Microcontrollers An Introduction to Microelectronics By Martin Bates E-Book

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