Three Phase Motor Drive Using Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation Technique

Three Phase Motor Drive Using Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation Technique (SVPWM): The space vector pulse width modulation is a technique, which is used for driving the motor at differentfrequencies. In recent years, different pulse width modulation techniques are used for driving the ac motors, such as sine wave pulse width modulating (SPWM), unipolar pulse width modulation (UPWM). In these techniques, f ...

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How to make a contact-less digital tachometer using IR-light reflection technique

Tachometer is a device that measures the rotational speed of any shaft or disc. The unit of the measurement is usually revolutions per minute or RPM. The traditional method of measuring RPM of a rotating shaft was based on velocity feedback concept where a dc generator is hooked to the rotating shaft so that the voltage induced across the generator’s terminals is proportional to the speed of the shaft. Toda ...

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