PIC-2 USB BURNER using PIC18F2550

This project is a clone of PICkit-2, (the most successful and cheapest PIC programmer on the market). But PICkit-2 is being phased out and will not be available in the near future. The replacement is more expensive and has less features!
PICkit-2 is fully assembled and does not satisfy those who want to construct their own programmer.
PIC-2 USB Burner is a kit and contains a pre-programmed PIC18F2550 chip with 3200.hex
All the other components are standard items, except the 1mH choke. This is supplied as a 10mH choke and you need to remove exactly 340 turns of the winding to create a 1mH inductor.
Our kit has two additional features, It comes with a 6 pin to 5 pin adapter to connect PIC-2 USB Burner to the project you are designing and an 8 pin to 18 pin adapter, so you can burn 18 pin chips. You can also get a “burner board” containing an 8 pin socket (for the chip you will be programming). See below for all these extras.

To program a PIC chip you need the following:
1.   PIC-2 USB Burner and CD titled: “PIC-2 USB Burner software”
2.   6 pin to 5 pin adapter
3.  “Burner Board” with 8 pin socket and
4.   A project from the list below:

Here are  the costs:
PIC-2 USB Burner: $25.00
6 pin to 5 pin adapter:  $2.50
8 pin to 18 pin adapter  $1.50
“Burner Board” with 8 pin socket: $2.50

CD (700MB) containing software to write your program (NotePad-2), software to convert your program to .hex file (MPASM) and software (titled: PICkit-2 Programmer v2.60) to take the .hex file and burn the PIC chip. This program will appear on your desktop. Plus 180MB of data files, .pdf’s, programs and projects as well as a PIC course and electronics course, The CD is titled:
“PIC-2 USB Burner software” and costs $10.00
extra PIC12F629 chips  $5.00 each
Postage within Australia: $6.50  Overseas: $7.50

Projects using PIC12F629:
Alarm Space Gun uses PIC12F629
Happy Birthday – uses a piezo and PIC12F629  to produce Happy Birthday tune
It’s A Small World – uses a piezo and PIC12F629  to produce It’s A Small World tune
Lego Chaser – Seven routines on two sets of 10 LEDs – uses a PIC12F629
Lift Counter Uses a PIC12F629 with LED display and up/down buttons.
Music Box  Uses PIC12F629 and plays 11 melodies
Sky Writer  Uses a PIC12F629 to put messages “in the air.”
Whistle Uses a PIC12F629 to detect a whistle – similar to Whistle Key Finder.
2 Digit Counter using a PIC12F629
2 Digit Up/Down Counter  5 different designs. Uses PIC12F629 or PIC16F628 chips.
40 LED Badge  – uses a PIC12F629 to show effects on 40 LEDs

The circuit consists of a high-voltage section plus components to connect the PIC18F2550 chip to the 8-pin programming socket on the “Burner Board.”
The PIC18F2550 is a specially-designed chip that interfaces to the USB port and handles data from your computer to the chip your are burning, as well as data from the chip on the “Burner Board” to the computer.  This saves the need for any other chips in the burner project. The 20MHz crystal must be 20MHz as the chip must handshake, at the correct speed, with the program on the computer.
The only other requirement is to generate approx 13.5v to open up a chip, so it can be read and programmed. Some chips require slightly less than 13v but some need nearly 14v.
This is done via the fourth transistor in the circuit. It receives a waveform from the PIC18F2550 to turn it ON for a short time then it is turned OFF. This action delivers a brief pulse of current through the 1mH inductor and when the transistor is turned off, the inductor produces a high voltage. This voltage is stored in the 22u electrolytic and appears across a voltage divider made up of a 6k8 and 3k3. The chip detects the voltage at the join of the two resistors to maintain a constant 13.5v
This voltage is passed to the chip being programmed by the first three transistors.
The remaining resistors are safety resistors to prevent the PIC18F2550 being damaged if a short is present on any of the lines on the “Burner Board.”

The heart of the circuit is a PIC chip. This chip is pre-programmed in the kit because you need a programmer to program it! It’s a “Catch-22” situation or a “Chicken-and-the-egg.  You need a programmer to program the chip so you can program chips.
This means you cannot build this project yourself from components you have “on-hand” as you will also need a programmer to load the operating program into the PIC chip. The kit is not expensive and comes with a neat PC board. So it’s best to get a kit. You can also purchase the 6 pin to 5 pin adapter and a board to hold an 8 pin IC socket as well as an 8 pin to 18 pin adapter.
This gives you all the tools needed to program 8 pin and 18 pin PIC chips.
If you have one of our other programmers, you can burn a PIC18F2550 and build this project.
To program a PIC18F2550 you will need 3200.hex   Datasheet for PIC18F2550

For more detail: PIC-2 USB BURNER using PIC18F2550

Current Project / Post can also be found using:

  • LEGO CHASER pic12f629

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