HC-05 Bluetooth link with zero code

HC-05 Bluetooth link with zero code

So you want to two HC-05 modules to automatically connect together, as soon as they’re powered up and with zero code? Well this is your lucky day since this can be done using the AT+BIND command.

HC-05 Bluetooth link with zero codec

Let’s do this thing!

For this, you will need:

  • 1 Arduino (I’m using UNO)
  • 2 HC-05 modules
  • 1 breadboard
  • Wires
  • Arduino IDE (I’m using version 1.0.5-r2)

Step 1 – Code and Wires

To bind the two HC-05s, we will need to input AT commands manually which can be done using this simple code made by techbitar.

1.1 Upload the code to your Arduino.
1.2 Using one of your 2 HC-05, follow very carefully the wiring instructions (this is where most people make mistakes.)
  Note that the pins layout on your HC-05 might be different so read the pin label and be sure to connect the right ones.

Step 2 – Configure the Slave

2.1 Make sure the power wire(5.0v or 3.0v) is disconnected from the HC-05
2.2 Make sure the Key wire is connected to pin 9
2.3 In the Arduino IDE, goto the Tools\Serial Monitor menu
2.4 The two following settings are correctly set (at the bottom right of the window):
2.4.1 Line ending should be set to “Both NL & CR”
2.4.2 Baud speed should be set to “9600 baud”
Note: f you had to modify those settings, I suggest to close and re-open the Serial Monitor dialog


For more detail: HC-05 Bluetooth link with zero code

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