LEDs give wearables a high visibility

There is a varied and growing market for LEDs in wearable applications, ranging from head torches and miners’ helmet lamps, through backlighting for head-up and near-to-eye displays, indicators for sports and medical monitoring devices, to fashion accessories and clothing. While LEDs have already become a popular embellishment, like sequins or beads, in fashion garments, they take on a more functional role ...

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LDO regulator squeezes into wearables

Housed in a tiny 1.6×1.2-mm, 0.6-mm thin package suitable for wearable electronics and other space-constrained battery-operated applications, the SC563 low-dropout regulator from Semtech provides two regulated outputs at up to 300 mA each, while its fixed output voltages eliminate the need for external resistor divider networks. The device’s ultra-small footprint and low dropout voltage of 180 mV enable des ...

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