Researchers Develop Transparent Flexible Terahertz Sensors With Graphene

The researchers of the Swedish Chalmers University of Technology have developed a new design of terahertz sensor using Graphene. This flexible sensor can be integrated into wearable materials. Most importantly, it can be manufactured very cheaply and also it is practically transparent. This new type of sensor could be a major breakthrough by opening doors of many new applications. The terahertz frequency ba ...

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Symtavision, Renesas develop MCU verification tool

Symtavision, the timing analysis specialist for verifying embedded systems, has developed an integrated, model- and trace-based methodology for Renesas RH850 multi-core MCUs. The Symtavision/Renesas approach uses Symtavision’s SymTA/S tool suite for model-based timing analysis, optimisation and synthesis, and Symtavision’s powerful TraceAnalyzer for visualising and analysing timing from measurements and sim ...

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