Make your own motion sensor alarm with SMS feature using PIC18F2550

MikroEleketronika demonstrates how to build a simple home alarm system that has the capability of sending SMS to a predefined cell phone number when intrusion is detected. This project is based on StartUSB for PIC board, a small development board for PIC18F2550, which is preprogrammed with an USB bootloder so that no additional programmer is required to load the firmware. The SMS portion uses a SmartGM862 B ...

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Password controlled sliding door with SMS alert by pic Microcontroller

In today’s world implementation of any expert system with maximum data and networking security becomes a real necessity in home, academic organizations as well as in industrial communities. To provide this security here I give my project on “password controlled sliding door with SMS alert by pic microcontroller”. Project Objective: The proposed system is a chamber, which is closed by a sliding door. A Keypa ...

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