433MHz RF remote control system based on PIC microcontroller

5-Channel RF (Radio Frequency) remote control transmitter/receiver using PIC18F4550 microcontroller Today RF modules are widely used in many applications (wireless data transmission, quadcopter, car remote control....). This project shows how to use low cost 433MHz RF transmitter/receiver modules to build a 5-channel wireless RF remote control system using 2xPIC18F4550 microcontrollers. The used RF modules ...

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Wireless Radio Frequency Module Using PIC Microcontroller

It's a Microcontroller Based DIY Electronics Project. Named Wireless RF Module Using PIC Microcontroller. The RF module is a small electronic circuit used to transmit, receive, or transceive radio waves on one of a number of carrier frequencies. RF modules are widely used in consumer applications such as garage door openers, wireless alarm systems, industrial remote controls, smart sensor applications, weat ...

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