projects or dual channel inductive loop vehicle detector

Specifications Number of operating modes: 4 Tuning: Automatic Detection type: Presence/Pulse Presence time: Adjustable in 3 steps Pulse duration: 250 ms / 500 ms Signal filtering: Adjustable in 2 steps (NORMAL, HIGH) Loop inductance: 20 uH – 1000 uH Frequency range: 20 kHz – 145 kHz Frequency selection: 2 combinations (LOW, HIGH) Sensitivity: Maximum 0.0025\% Δf/f, adjustable in 8 steps Detection speed: 10 ...

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NJM2035 – HI-FI Stereo Encoder / Multiplexer using pic microcontoller

Part's List: 2x 47K 1x 10K 1x 82K 1x 50K POT 1x 33uF 1x 10uF 3x 100nF (104) 1x 100pF (101) 1x 10pF (10) 1x NJM2035 IC 1x 38 KHz Crystal   Technical Specifications: Voltage Supply: 1.2V - 3.6V MAX Current Draw: >3mA Channel Separation: < 25dB Signal to Noise Ratio: 67 dB Operation Temperature: -20 - 75°C Frequency Range: 20Hz - 15KHz HI-FI Stereo Encoder / Multiplexer This stereo encoder is the perfect ...

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