RGB LED Mood Light Standalone PWM controller for RGB LEDs using PIC12F629

This project is an update to the original RGB LED PWM Driver.  The new version allows the use of either 5mm LEDs or the square bodied Superflux / Piranah style LEDs.  The circuit now uses bipolar transistors rather than MOSFETs which make it more suitable for novice constructors and for the first time this project is available as a kit with all parts required to assemble the PCB including the superflux LEDs ...

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IKEA Mood-light Conversion using PIC12F683P

Introduction This little project was one of my first projects with microcontrollers. First, I made the circuit then, for years, I was wondering what I could do with it, until one day I came across this IKEA plastic bag dispenser. I knew immediately, it would make a perfect “housing” for my mood light. Hardware I had a few LED strips leftover from previous projects in different colours. They can be operated ...

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Remote Control mood light[/jar]

I wanted to play around with something IR remote-controlled, so I decided to make a remote-control mood light. There were two parts to the project: making the remote and making the light. For the remote, I tore down a remote control for a floor fan, removing all its insides, and replacing it with mine. I used a PIC12F1840 micro for the remote, mostly since I have a lot of these lying around. For the receive ...

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