Serial communication with Matlab pic-microcontroller

Overview Matlab has a "serial" function that allows it to communicate through a serial port. This project is to establish serial port connection with the PIC microcontroller and demonstrate bidirectional communication between the PIC and a Matlab program. For demonstration purposes, the PIC will send digital potentiometer readings to Matlab as well as receive keystrokes from the Matlab user to light up LEDs ...

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Interfacing Proteus with Matlab

It is very important topic that how Interfacing Proteus with Matlab is done? And it is obious that after interfacing Proteus with matlab lots of way is open for simulating microcontroller based project. We know that in Proteus there has lack of sensor soif we done Interfacing Proteus with Matlab then we can easily introduce all blocks of matlab as a input or output device for microcontroller. Now question i ...

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