F1 Gantry Race Start Lights using PIC16F684

Description Featured in Electronics Weekly Gadget Freak (15/08/2008) The Control board for this project is now available in kit form or fully assembled and tested. Please visit the Picprojects on-line shop for more details This project provides an simple F1 motor racing style 5 light race start sequence with a fixed or random delay that you can use on a real race track, kart circuit or even your slot-car ci ...

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Strobe Lights Project

Stroboscopic effects of lights for nightclubs are realized by bringing into play old white Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) swapping the ejection lanterns/lamps for superior effectiveness at minimal cost. This control is achievable by instantaneously changing the Light Emitting Diodes on & off at elevated volts for small amount of time span. This speedy control of power from complete shine to complete off a ...

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