Programmable IR remote control using PIC16LF877

NEC-SIRCS-JAPAN-RC5-SAMSUNG compatible, multiprotocol infrared remote control. Replaces up to 6 existing remote controls into one. With manual learning function, LED display and/or LCD. 2V6-3V2, low power (sleep function) More protocols will be added later if needed (DENON, DAEWOO, MOTOROLA, RECS80.) Components: PIC16LF877-04/L (4Mhz PLCC Package), 24LC256 EEPROM (low power), 74HC148 encoder (SMD), optional ...

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3-Switch Mini IR Remote Control for PIC10F200

Description This project is a 3 button mini IR remote control which transmits 12-bit SIRC IR signals as used by Sony remote controls.  It has been designed to work with both the 2-channel relay driver board  and 3-channel relay driver board projects also on this website. The board uses Microchip's low cost PIC10F200 microcontroller along with a handful of easy to find  components making it very cheap to con ...

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