USB AVR In-System-Programmer (ISP) - The AVR firmware was written by: Klaus Leidinger - The PCB was designed by: Dimitris Porlidas - The schematic diagram was drawn by: Dimitris Porlidas - The AvrOspII software was written by: Mike Henning - Small modifications in firmware and schematic diagram were made by: Vassilis Serasidis Nowadays, USB is the most popular connection connection between PC and peripheral ...

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8051 Microcontroller Overview & Hardware – Tutorial #1

The intel 8051 series 8bit microcontroller, originally introduced in 1980, remains popular and has had perhaps the longest product life of all such devices. It has become the industry standard for real-time and Boolean control applications. While some (who should know better) have said that the 8051 is dead, it continues to be a viable choice for both design upgrades and new applications as faster, more adv ...

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